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A One1Stop Robotics Technology Centre in Malaysia

Robotclub® Malaysia is one-stop robotics technology centre set up by HongQin Sdn. Bhd. (Co. No. 802399-M) since year 2008.

Robotclub¬≠® Malaysia is NOT Online Store.

In fact, Robotclub® Malaysia is a robotics consultancy company, we supply the products by giving right recommendation, provide after sales support, provide comprehensive product training, provide competency training for various international competition, developed own GUI and system using our robotics products, setting up smart robotics lab and etc.....

Robotclub® Malaysia is


Exclusive Distributor of ROBOTIS (Korea), Dr Robot (Canada).


Official Distributor of Robotron (Korea), Mini Robot (Korea), Kondo (Japan), DST Robot (Korea), RoboBuilder (Korea), Baxter Robot (USA), HaviSys ug (Germany) in Malaysia.


Certified Partner of ROBOTIS-OP, Robotics-Operating-System (ROS) and ROBOTIS Kidslab.


Service Provider for robotics workshop, robotics training, robotics solution for the school projects.