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Product Name:ROBOTIS GP Kit
Product Code:Humanoid Robots
Product description:

* Robotclub® Malaysia is the Exclusive Distributor of ROBOTIS GP Kit in Malaysia.
* Robotclub® Malaysia developed 'AndroSys' using ROBOTIS Premium Kit / GP Kit for the FIRA Roboworld Cup, AndroSot game category.
* Robotclub® AndroSys is the Champions of Dribble & Attack, Penalty Kick & Soccer 3vs3 game in the FIRA Malaysia & International Cup 2014, 2015 & 2016.
Institution Malaysia using ROBOTIS GP kit :
1. University Sabah Malaysia
2. University Kebangsaan Malaysia
3. University College of Technology Sarawak
4. Politeknik Muadzam Shah
5. MRSM and etc.

Humanoid Robots-ROBOTIS GP Kit