[Robotclub] Preschool Robotics

ROBOTCLUB® Malaysia is Robotis's Exclusive Distributor in STEAM Robotics in Malaysia since 2008. We supply, distribute and as training provider of preschool to university robotics in Malaysia.
Robotclub® Preschool Robotics using quality plastic frame manufactured by ROBOTIS Co. Ltd. We designed the local content, packed and distributed it to a lot of kindergarten, let the younger kids to start their hands-on, train their discipline from the age of 5 years old.
Robotclub® Preschool Robotics is the best STEM solution for kindergarten in Malaysia:-
1. You could gain back R.O.I. in less than one year;
2. You get the quality materials and furniture in our package.
3. Your administrate the preschool robotics activities yourself.
4. You can exchange the class materials on the 3rd year, this is to ensure students getting the best class materials.
5. You continue get the support from Robotclub® Malaysia.
6. You could join or organize your robotics competition every year.
We will get our agent to meet you for demo......this is so easy!!!!
You deserve to get the best.